WPCA premier league clubs told: two players of colour, one of which must be black African

The club that wins the Western Province Cricket Association’s 2015-16 premier league will not be allowed to compete in the National Club Championship – if they fail to field a minimum of two players of colour, one of which must be black African, in at least 50 percent of their WPCA premier league fixtures.

“With immediate effect, any premier league club who qualifies to represent the WPCA in the Club Championship must meet the criteria,” revealed an excerpt from the WPCA’s changes to playing conditions document, effectively obliging Cricket South Africa’s transformation policy.

“If your club is found to not meet the criteria, the club will forfeit their prize money for winning the league and the club will be disqualified in representing the province.

“The next best-placed club, which meets the criteria, will represent. In the 2016-17 season, non-compliance of the targets will result in a premier league team forfeiting or being penalised four match points per match transgressed.”

The 10 WPCA premier league teams are Durbanville Cricket Club, Western Province Cricket Club, Bellville Cricket Club, Cape Town Cricket Club, Victoria Cricket Club, United Cricket Club, St Augustine Cricket Club, Rondebosch Cricket Club – and the promoted University of Western Cape Cricket Club and Primrose Cricket Club.

3 Comments on "WPCA premier league clubs told: two players of colour, one of which must be black African"

  1. Vernon Hendrickse | September 15, 2015 at 4:03 pm | Reply

    Just like apartheid. Legislate everything to do with race. Absolute rubbish. Let the people live for pete’s sake. Are we now a communist state where the state controls everything. You’ve lost my support.

  2. This is a disgrace to us black people, what if a black club wins thd league , will we have to put 2 white players which one must be Afrikaans. This quota system has went too far!! Government needs to stop it and invest in development for black Africans finish and klarr

  3. Get off those high horses…if no quota system the status quo will remain which is absolutely rubbish.black africans have been excluded and continue to be for far too long with “our masters” having the tedencies of claiming this sport is theirs,nonsese give langa nyanga guguletu mandalay and other areas boys equal chances at all levels not subject them to water bottle carriers and batting at no9

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