Top 20 most expensive purchases at this year’s CPL player auction

File image: Matthew de Villiers

These 20 players were bought for the highest prices at Friday, 7 February 2020’s Cape Premier League player auction at Newlands. CPL dollars – the tournament’s fictional currency – was spent.

Noteworthy points about the 2020 CPL player auction

  • The Hoeri Kwaggo Bulls’ five purchases were the most in this year’s top 20.
  • The biggest purchase this year was more than double last year’s highest price.
  • Each of this year’s top seven purchases were larger than last year’s biggest one.

Top 20 purchases at the 2020 CPL player auction

Player Franchise Price
1. Matthew de Villiers Bo-Kaap Phantoms 1.7 million
2. Schaughan van Greunen Atlantic Pirates 1.2 million
3. Neil Hornbuckle Hoeri Kwaggo Bulls 1.1 million
4. Derek Mitchell District Sixers 950,000
5. Mathew Goles Devils Peak Dragons 800,000
6. Ryan Klein Hoeri Kwaggo Bulls 800,000
7. Quinton Dreyer Atlantic Pirates 800,000
8. Ferisco Adams Cape Vikings 750,000
9. Craig Meier Hoeri Kwaggo Bulls 700,000
10. William Hantam District Sixers 650,000
11. Andre Malan Cape Vikings 650,000
12. Tashwin Lukas Bo-Kaap Phantoms 650,000
13. Kyle Pluke Devils Peak Dragons 600,000
14. Leon le Roux Atlantic Pirates 600,000
15. Jesse Christensen Hoeri Kwaggo Bulls 550,000
16. Josh Breed Devils Peak Dragons 500,000
17. Marvin Williams Hoeri Kwaggo Bulls 500,000
18. Carlos Koyana Bo-Kaap Phantoms 500,000
19. Chad Fortune District Sixers 450,000
20. Marco Wyngard Cape Vikings 450,000

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