About Club Cricket SA

Started in June 2015, Club Cricket SA seeks to serve and promote club cricket around the country.

Managed by two salt-of-the-earth club cricketers, who have played and loved the game at the highest level and through the lowest ranks for several years, Club Cricket SA impartially represents the quintessential club cricketer – from the popular all-rounder in the first XI, to the specialist fielder in the sixth team.

The so-called voice of the weekend batsman and bowler, Club Cricket SA is fully independent – and does not push the agenda of any board, union or association.

Like all good top orders, though, Club Cricket SA firmly believes in establishing fruitful partnerships with like-minded contemporaries – and is eager to nurture these alliances for the benefit of both. Club Cricket SA harbours ambition to be thee authority on club cricket in South Africa, but for now is content to humbly assist those who play and administrate the game – largely but not exclusively in the Western Cape.

The practicalities of this support is borne out in insightful, informative, engaging and topical content, packaged across a website professionally designed – and significantly more user-friendly and responsive than your most disgruntled team-mate.

We’ll develop the news, views and opinion that isn’t out there already, while supplementing and complementing the information that already exists. Unlike an old-school pinch hitter or village slogger, we are not prone to a brief survival, but are acutely aware of the need and demand for a lengthy stay.

“Club cricket isn’t something that is forced upon people. We don’t necessarily get paid for this. If you don’t have a love for the game, what is the point in spending another weekend away from your wife, girlfriend or family to play cricket?” – Rob Clift, captain of the Northwood Crusaders – the first community club to clinch the Club Championship title in more than a decade in 2015.

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  1. Salaam. Could you provide me with the email address of the secretariat of Montrose CC please. THanks…. Yunus (Assistant Secretary – Altius United CC)

  2. My daughter is a keen 11 year old cricket player.
    We live in the Helderberg area, Gordon’s Bay to be specific.
    She currently plays with the boys for their primary school team.
    Is there a girl’s cricket club nearby that she could join?

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