Aslam Regal highest-rated WPCUA premier league umpire, Wilhelm Nell Umpire of the Year

Aslam Regal umpireAslam Regal (right).

Aslam Regal was named the highest-rated premier league umpire at the Western Province Cricket Umpires Association awards ceremony for the 2022-23 season recently.

Wilhelm Nell won the Umpire of the Year award. Last year, Nell won the award Regal won this year.

Wilhelm Nell cricket

Wilhelm Nell (right).

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Selected Western Province Cricket Umpires Association awards

First division D

  • Highest rated: Godfrey Jacobs
  • Runner-up: Heiko Dresselhaus

First division C

  • Highest rated: Suhail Parkar
  • Runner-up: Dane Isaacs

First division B

  • Highest rated: Brent Piet
  • Runner-up: Trevor Langenhoven

First division A

  • Highest rated: Sachin Kolambkar
  • Runner-up: Arnold Windvogel

Premier league

  • Highest-rated: Alsam Regal
  • Runner-up: Verlon Etsebeth


  • Rookie of the Year: Brent Piet
  • Most improved: Wilma Jones
  • Ambassador of the Year: Gaynor Sebola
  • Administrator of the Year: Tom Mokorosi
  • Best female in women’s league: Rencia Pretorius
  • Best umpire in veterans’ league: Shamiel Isaacs
  • Umpire of the Year: Wilhelm Nell
Brent Piet cricket

Brent Piet.


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