City earmarks Khayelitsha Cricket Club for alternative water sources

Khayelitsha Cricket ClubFile image: Khayelitsha Cricket Club.

Khayelitsha Cricket Club is among several recreational facilities earmarked for alternative water sources upgrades by the City of Cape Town.

The interventions, which are required amid the ongoing drounght in Cape Town and surrounds, will include the installation of:

  • boreholes;
  • storage tanks; and
  • well-points.

“We have had to advise many sporting codes to curtail their activities because many of our fields would simply not be able to handle the wear and tear of regular use without proper irrigation,” said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security; and Social Services, Alderman JP Smith.

“We can also not say with any level of certainty what winter will be like and whether the rainfall will be significant enough to help rehabilitate fields and parks – and also to fill the dams to the point where water restrictions can be revised to allow for more regular irrigation come summer.

“The City has thousands of recreational and community facilities that have all been impacted by the drought. Sports fields are in the public eye and require a lot of water to be rendered usable, but we have also been working hard to revisit our approach to water use and savings at our resorts and community halls.

“Finding the budget to institute all of the measures we have identified is the trick – and so we are unable to make changes overnight, but I assure residents that we are doing everything possible to become more resilient and ensure continued service delivery and access to facilities in spite of the challenges brought about by the drought.”

Khayelitsha Cricket Club participate in the Western Province Cricket Association first division D – and occupied seventh position in the 2017-18 season’s 10-team standings prior to late January’s cancellation due to the drought.