Club cricketer scores zero not out off 119 balls

Geoff AllottAllott scored zero off 77 balls in 1999.

A New Zealand club cricketer faced 119 deliveries without getting off the mark recently.

Otago Country captain Fraser Wilson spent more than two hours at the crease for a remarkable zero not out, but failed to for a draw – nor stave off defeat – against Southland Cricket Association in a key Hawke Cup fixture at Molyneux Park in Alexandra.

“I had a bung eye all weekend. I was putting a contact lens in and I dropped it on the concrete and it picked up some dirt, so I had an infected eye,” Sportskeeda quoted Fraser as saying.

“I was playing with one eye the whole game. I had to open my stance up to pull my right eye around because I could only see out of my right eye.

“I was just trying to hit the ball no more than five metres in front of me. Actually, in those scenarios, you are better off not scoring any runs. Because I reckon it switches you on more to just to do what you need to do.

“A couple of the guys got a couple of fours away and then they would do something stupid. If you completely shut it down, and your only job is to hit it one metre in front of you, it can be quite an easy game.”

The 35-year-old right-hander , admittedly at a substantially lower level, all but emulated¬†fellow New Zealander Geoff Allott’s record –¬†the longest duck in Test cricket.

Tail-ender Allott spent 101 minutes at the crease for a 77-ball zero against South Africa at Eden Park in Auckland in March, 1999.