Confirmed! WPCA premier league and first division A change to one-day competition

Club cricket

The Western Province Cricket Association has confirmed premier league and first division A cricket will be changed from two- to one-day competition for the 2018-19 season.

Earlier this month, a proposal – largely based on feedback solicited from premier league and first division clubs and the recommendations of a task team – suggested the format swap.

It was discussed and approved at 25 July’s members’ council meeting in Newlands, Cape Town. The decision will stand for the 2018-19 season and, later, be re-evaluated for a potential return to two-day cricket in 2019-20.

The changes are effectively a consequence of a 2017-18 season substantially shortened by ongoing water restrictions – amid a historic drought – in Cape Town and surrounds.

The reserve divisions A and B, too, have changed to one-day cricket. Whether or not the reserve divisions A and B will compete in the 2018-19 Ama20 Competition must still be decided.

The third divisions A, B and C have remained relatively unchanged, with 35-over innings across 15 matches per club. These will culminate in semi-finals and finals, officiated by WPCA umpires instead of player-umpires.

The premier league and first division A will start in October – and third division in November.