Could de Villiers return to help South Africa to T20 World Cup glory?

File image: AB de Villiers.

Despite the T20 World Cup being cancelled due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the show must go on and some are hopeful that the much anticipated cricket event will take place in 2020. Naturally, being one of the biggest events in cricket, there is always news regarding teams, players and bets. This time headlines are hot with rumours that de Villiers, South Africa’s star player, may return to help South Africa to the T20 World Cup, a welcomed rumour indeed. So what is the gist and is there some merit to these rumours?

Is There Merit to the Rumours?

When 2019 came to a close there was news circling the return of one of South Africa’s greatest batsmen of all time. According to rumours, AB de Villiers is ‘desperate’ to return to International cricket, however there are factors to consider, and ones that he has no control of.

AB de Villiers wanted to return to international since 2018 and there was a discussion about the 36 year old returning for the T20 World Cup, however, the event hosted in Australia has now been put on hold due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The player was interviewed and told reporters that despite his desperation and desire to return and help South Africa to T20 World Cup victory, he wasn’t sure if he would still be in form when lockdown is lifted and the T20 Cup bats off into full swing.

The batsman retired back in 2018 and almost instantly wanted back in mulling the opportunity to join South Africa at the T20. And after having conversations with team’s players Bouch and Smith, it became apparent the team would benefit from the re-joining, however, de Villiers wants to take it a day at a time so that he can decide if he would be fit enough to score runs for his country.

The return of de Villiers could be a game changer for South Africa as the sportsman has helped the country win on numerous occasions. There were supporters who feared the outcome of the T20 Cup pending the resignation of de Villiers. However, almost two years in retirement and South Africa has still performed well and even made it to the T20 World Cup. So could this be a good fit or is there a possibility de Villiers will slow South Africa’s win again Australia, West Indies and India?

Graeme Smith on de Villiers Return

The director of Cricket South Africa, Graeme Smith, has broken his silence on the matter and told his audience that it would be best to consider the possibility of de Villiers making a return for the T20. Smith believes that de Villiers could help bring the Proteas to victory at the event. He said that the door remains open for his fellow teammate and that it’s great that de Villiers was considering a comeback.

As soon as this unwanted pandemic is over the Proteas will be back and only then will we find out whether or not de Villiers will be on the team and if his role will lead South Africa to glory.

AB de Villiers History

The South African has a successful resume in cricket and with a 15 year long career he has accomplished much. The hard attacking batsman has won the title ‘Player of the Year’ for ICC One Day International’s three times and was featured in the renowned Wisden Cricketers of the Decade.

The batsman for the Proteas debuted in his first T20 World Cup in 2006 and only ended his cricket career in 2018. The star player has a batting average of over 50, an impressive average for very few batsmen. In addition to all of the above, he has a record made in history for fastest ODI century in 31 Balls. He would be a good fit should he return but only time will tell whether or not this will happen.