Cricket South Africa president quits

File image: Chris Nenzani.

Cricket South Africa president Chris Nenzani has resigned with immediate effect.

“Please be advised that Mr Nenzani has resigned as the president of the members; council and as chairman of the board of directors of Cricket South Africa with effect from 15 August 2020,” read Monday’s statement from CSA.

“Mr Nenzani has led Cricket South Africa with dedication and astutely since 2013. Mr Nenzani has provided valuable leadership, insight, assistance and direction in advancing the game of cricket with a focus on achieving transformation and access for the majority of the South African population.

“On behalf of Cricket South Africa’s members’ council and the board of directors, we thank Mr Nenzani for his contributions to Cricket South Africa and for being a loyal servant to the game of cricket. We wish him well in his future endeavours and we are sure that he will continue to contribute to the game of cricket.”

Who will be the next CSA president?

Former Western Province Cricket Association president Beresford Williams is the current vice-president of CSA. Whether Williams will succeed Nenzani remains in the balance. A new CSA president early next month.

“Cricket South Africa notes that a new president and chairman will be appointed at the annual general meeting scheduled for 5 September 2020,” added the statement.

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