Data, analytics and the future of cricket betting in South Africa

Cricket in the minds of most sports fans sounds like an old-fashioned game from ancient times. If you’re with them – rethink your position, because the cricket world is undergoing data-driven changes that will surely shake its foundations. Technology revolution is upon us, so get ready.

South Africa is especially feeling the cricket betting adaptation, where data experts are gaining growing influence on this multi-billion industry. For bookmakers and cricket fans everywhere, the new maths on the field is changing the game of sport.

The player data as the road to success

Let’s start by looking at the players themselves. While cricket may seem like a low-tech sport at first glance, huge amounts of data are collected and processed on the skills and performance of individual players and then used by bookmakers and punters alike. Try easybet app from the download guide at the link and see for yourself how accurate the odds are nowadays.

Measurements of batting and throwing speeds, shot placement and accuracy, batting skills and much more are compiled into an entire player data package. Calculations even map the physical conditions such as weather and pitch surface that affect performance.

A player is no longer just a player – but a statistical identity. And being able to visualise your overall potential in this way unlocks tremendous benefits.

Data-rich training methods

Using the comprehensive player data, teams and coaches can design strategies and skill development methods tailored to each athlete’s physical ability and development potential. 

The all-important data analysis helps to correct error stages, identify areas for improvement and optimise training routines for maximum effectiveness. Gone are the days of ‘guesswork’ in the training room. Now it’s all about accurate adjustments based on evidence.

The bookies’ new weapon of choice

The data-fuelled approach also affects bookmakers and betting companies, who can now leverage big data to map potentials and probabilities in entirely new ways.

Algorithms and AI models are fed massive streams of information about players’ abilities, team strengths, match conditions and much more to calculate the most profitable odds and develop betting models.   

Where bookies used to calculate odds based on manual analyses and estimates, data systems now generate groundbreaking objective probability calculations that eliminate bias and guesswork.

Data intervention in the game

Perhaps most remarkable is how data is also directly influencing the game plan in real time. Attacking formations and tactics are adjusted on the fly based on live reporting feeds and key metrics on match progress.

Analysis systems constantly analyse batting and fielding situations from all angles to instantly guide adjustments. Game plans, substitutions and strategic messages to players are communicated via earpiece devices and can be changed every split second throughout the game.

In this way, data analysis is integrated like never before. It executes game strategies as an active part of the cricket match itself.

New excitement experience in the stands

As a remote viewer, whether you’re in the stadium or following the game from home, data ingestion will shape your cricket experience. On big screens, you’ll be overflowed with video highlights, graphical batting analysis and real-time statistical highlights.

Transmission and streaming services will constantly incorporate data points, advanced metrics and simulations of match probability trends.

Some believe these developments will add a deeper perspective to the cricket experience. Others fear it will be too boring and over-analysed. Whatever your beliefs, inevitable change lies ahead.

Computational maths shapes the future

Whatever your opinion on the future, new data tools and analysis techniques are already a reality. Players’ performances are being mapped down to the last facet and bookmakers are implementing digital systems for odds calculations.

The mathematical approach will change the nature and strategy of the game – both on the field and for bettors. Winning potential will, increasingly, be a result of the magic of numbers because cricket is fast emerging as one of sport’s biggest data-driven phenomena.