First draft of WPCA fixtures by Friday; finalised 17 days later

Club cricket

The first draft of fixtures for the 2018-19 Western Province Cricket Association club season will be revealed on Friday, 31 August 2018.

The second draft is expected less than two weeks later – and the final fixtures confirmed toward mid-September.

“The following fixture timelines have been set and it would be appreciated if clubs can adhere to these deadlines,” read Monday’s email excerpt from WPCA club cricket and facilities coordinator Lindsay O’Malley.

“First draft to be sent on 31 August 2018; clubs to provide feedback by 7 September. Second draft to be sent on 12 September 2018; clubs to provide feedback by Monday 17 September. Final fixtures by 20 September.”

Last month saw the WPCA confirm premier league and first division A cricket will change from two- to one-day competition for the 2018-19 season.

A proposal, largely based on feedback solicited from premier league and first division clubs and the recommendations of a task team, suggested the format swap.

The decision will stand for the 2018-19 season and, later, be re-evaluated for a potential return to two-day cricket in 2019-20.

The changes are effectively a consequence of a 2017-18 season substantially shortened by ongoing water restrictions – amid a historic drought – in Cape Town and surrounds.

The third divisions A and B have remained relatively unchanged, with 35-over innings across 15 matches per club. These will culminate in semi-finals and finals, officiated by WPCA umpires instead of player-umpires.

The premier league and first division A will start in October – and third division in November.

The reserve divisions A and B, too, have changed to one-day cricket.