James Crowson hits highest T20 Community Cup score

James Crowson.James Crowson.

Opening batsman James Crowson almost struck a century, as Western Province Cricket Club retained second position at the 2022 T20 Community Cup in Pretoria on Saturday.

Crowson hit 94 in a seven-wicket victory over KwaZulu-Natal’s Clares Cricket Club. He faced 51 deliveries – and collected 10 fours and three sixes.

The score surpassed the previous highest at the 2022 T20 Community Cup Р77 not out from Old Edwardians Cricket Club batsman Murray Workman against Burma Lads Cricket Club.

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Earlier in the day, Western Province Cricket lost to Gauteng’s Old Edwardians Cricket Club, who are the frontrunners for the title.

Western Province Cricket Club have won three matches in four attempts. Old Edwardians Cricket Club remain unbeaten.

Previous T20 Community Cup champions

Gauteng’s Delfos Cricket Club are the reigning T20 Community Cup champions. They won the 2018 tournament. The 2019 T20 Community Cup was completely washed out. It was not played in 2020 and 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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