Milnerton Cricket Club retain Schwerin and Milne

Jonathan SchwerinFile image: Jonathan Schwerin.

Milnerton Cricket Club have retained batsman Jonathan Schwerin and all-rounder Ryan Milne, for the 2018-19 Western Province Cricket Association season.

Milnerton Cricket Club representative Neil Perich confirmed Schwerin and Milne were contemplating moves to Claremont Cricket Club and Rondebosch Cricket Club, respectively. The duo, however, will remain.

Ryan Milne

File image: Ryan Milne.

Milnerton Cricket Club have also recruited Montrose Cricket Club seamer Luke PetersenThis is not the first time they have secured a star player from Montrose Cricket Club. Batsman Matthew Kleinveldt swapped last year.

English county cricketer Max Waller, meanwhile, has rejoined, as player-coach.

Seamer Malcolm Cloete has ultimately decided to stay at Milnerton Cricket Club, after all but confirming a move to Rondebosch Cricket Club.

The veteran Robbie van Harte, though, has left for Northerns Goodwood Cricket Club.

The WPCA, meanwhile, have confirmed premier league and first division A cricket will change from two- to one-day competition for the 2018-19 season.

A proposal, largely based on feedback solicited from premier league and first division clubs and the recommendations of a task team, suggested the format swap.

The decision will stand for the 2018-19 season and, later, be re-evaluated for a potential return to two-day cricket in 2019-20.