Milnerton Cricket Club star returns to Glamorgan Cricket Club

File image: Malcolm Cloete.

Seamer Malcolm Cloete has returned to Glamorgan Cricket Club ahead of the 2020-21 Western Province Cricket Association club season.

Cloete spent several seasons at Glamorgan Cricket Club before joining Milnerton Cricket Club in 2011.

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He was among the top 10 wicket-takers in the 2018-19 WPCA premier league.

“I am grateful for a great few seasons at Milnerton Cricket Club and to have taken them into the premier league. I am looking forward to rejoining Glamorgan Cricket Club. The club is looking healthy and have some upcoming youngsters,” said Cloete.

Milnerton Cricket Club have since returned to the first division A. Glamorgan Cricket Club have been promoted to the first division A on the back of a relatively successful 2019-20 first division B campaign.

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