New chairman wants Strandfontein Cricket Club to be ‘beacon of hope and inspiration to the community’

File image: Jamaine Cloete.

Jamaine Cloete has been appointed chairman of Strandfontein Cricket Club ahead of the 2020-21 Western Province Cricket Association club season.

Cloete has succeeded former chairman Dean Josephs.

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“I want to take the opportunity to thank the previous management committee led by Dean. You and your team have left a great legacy and we are honoured to continue the work and take up the challenge that awaits us. Your sacrifices and that of many others do not go unnoticed,” said Cloete.

“As a collective, we hope we can do you proud. There are many opportunities that lie ahead of us, a new challenge and an opportunity for Strandfontein Cricket Club to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to the community at large.

Our purpose will be our driver, our purpose in development and sport, for our members and community.”

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Strandfontein Cricket Club were promoted to the 2019-20 WPCA premier league, but have since return to the first division A.

“Our success on the field must reflect the success off it. Galvanising the spirit of community will be at the centre of what we do,” added Cloete.

“Where there is division, we must strive for unity, where there is uncertainty we must strive for confidence and where there is despair we must strive for hope.”

“To our members, thank you for your vote of confidence in myself and the new management committee.

“I have great confidence in them and their passion for their club is encouraging. Success belongs to all of us and to achieve this we need all your support, your network, your community – an ‘all hands on deck’ approach.”

The start of the 2020-21 WPCA club season has been delayed amid the coronavirus. It will likely commence in January.

Our main focus must be to never steer away from our vision for this club. While we live in uncertain times, we wish our members safety and wellness,” concluded Cloete.

“I’m sure that everyone is ready to go and we are aiming to make that possible in conjunction with the Western Province Cricket Association. We all look forward to seeing leather meet wood once again on the cricket parks.”

Strandfontein Cricket Club have lost all-rounder Tyler Alexander to Avendale Cricket Club. They have retained batsman Justin Gilliland, who almost moved to Avendale Cricket Club.

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