New online bowling coach service the right fit for you


Are you your club’s premier league seamer or seventh XI spinner – and keen on getting some professional insight on your bowling action ahead of the new season?

Perhaps you’re looking to improve just that little bit, to have an edge over your fellow club cricketers and opposition, but don’t really have the time, resources or big money to get the input of a dedicated bowling coach?

BowlBetter is an online coaching platform, specialising in bowling. Online – so, even if you’re in Cape Town or wherever, and they’re in Johannesburg, the convenience of digital and the Internet makes things pretty simple.

They offer different packages, whereby you send them videos of you bowling (get one of your mates to film you with their camera phone from a couple of angles) – and they analyse your run-up, launch, landing, delivery, follow-through, etc.

BowlBetter has some solid qualified coaches on their books, including current Highveld Lions bowling coach Gordon Parsons on their books.


Their packages won’t cost you the earth. We contacted them and they promptly got back to us with the following…

  • Analysis of one submission: R200
  • Analysis of one submission by Gordon Parsons: R300
  • Three different submissions of progress and analysis: R700

They also offer training programs and fitness tips – as well as injury prevention, recovery and wellness advice.

BowlBetter are associated with the Wanderers Sports Medical Centre, too, so their offering has proper medical backing.

The Wanderers Sports Medical Centre also offers physiotherapy, sports doctors, sports vision and gym facilities.

Wanderers Sports Medical Centre

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