New Zealand, England name squads for Over-60 World Cup

Andrew Nuttall cricketAndrew Nuttall. ©Matchpixsa

New Zealand have named a 15-man squad for next year’s Over-60 World Cup in Chennai, India.

The squad includes former first-class cricketer Andrew Nuttall, who played for New Zealand in the Over-50 World Cup in South Africa earlier this year.

“New Zealand reached the final of the Over-60 World Cup in 2022 and several members of that squad have returned, including frontline spinners Roger Stachurski – the leading wicket-taker at the 2022 World Cup; Andrew Nuttall – one of the top bowlers in the world at over-50 level; and Tony Gray,” read a statement from International Masters Cricket.

“A new member of the spin-bowling group is Martin Pennefather, who represented New Zealand at the 2018 Over-50 World Cup. Another newcomer, in the batting department, is Craig Gibb. He’ll join the likes of captain Graeme Inglis and Russell Drake in a strong batting line-up.”

New Zealand Over-60 squad

  1. Greg Alexander
  2. Russell Drake
  3. Craig Gibb
  4. Tony Gray
  5. Duncan Hutchinson
  6. Graeme Inglis
  7. Mike Johnston
  8. Chris Kennedy
  9. Mark McMillan
  10. Craig Morris
  11. Andrew Nuttall
  12. Mark Paton
  13. Martin Pennefather
  14. Neil Rodgers
  15. Roger Stachurski

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Steve Aston cricketer

Steve Aston.

England Over-60, meanwhile, have named an 18-man squad for the same tournament.

Former first-class cricketer Mel Hussain is among the 18.

“With the squad announced, we will soon be making our preparations. Perfect preparations lead to perfect performances. It is our objective to be perfectly prepared with clear objectives, with fitness plans for all and an understanding of the demands of playing in India,” said England Over-60 captain Richard Merriman.

“We will be inviting top cricket professionals to help prepare us for India. This is a hugely exciting time.”

England Over-60 squad

  1. Richard Merriman
  2. Edward Lennox
  3. Steve Aston
  4. Tony Birbeck
  5. John Butterworth
  6. Jason Caunt
  7. Phil Deakin
  8. Chris Dearden
  9. Montie Douglas
  10. Nick Gaywood
  11. Mel Hussain
  12. Nick Newman
  13. Michael Palmer
  14. Jim Phillips
  15. Simon Routh
  16. Graham Shaw
  17. Kevin Watson
  18. Marcus Young

Pakistan won the inaugural Over-60 World Cup in Australia in 2022. They beat New Zealand in the final.

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