WPCA president Nicolas Kock resigns

File image: Nicolas Kock.

Western Province Cricket Association president Nicolas Kock has resigned.

Kock’s tenure was brief. He succeeded former WPCA president Beresford Williams last year. Williams left the position to become vice-president of Cricket South Africa.

“I can no longer serve as the president of the WPCA. My position has become untenable. I had been asked to sign a lease on behalf of the WPCA, but I could not,” Kock said at Monday’s annual general meeting of the WPCA, referencing a R750 million property development at Newlands Cricket Ground.

“Signing that would put the WPCA in a very difficult financial position. I made it quite clear that I have a particular view on how I wanted to pursue our interaction with our partners in the development going forward.

“The Covid-19 pandemic really created a whole new context to this lease agreement. I was not prepared to sign off on the lease. I could not, with a clear conscience, do that. The impact this would have on our club cricket would weigh heaviest on my conscience.

“My resignation is effective at the end of this meeting.”

WPCA vice-president Ashraf Burns will be acting president in Kock’s absence until further notice.

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