No final decision on promotion and relegation for 2020-21 WPCA club season yet

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The Western Province Cricket Association haven’t yet finalised whether teams will vie for promotion during the 2020-21 club season.

Earlier this week, the WPCA proposed suspending the promotion and relegation system for a 2020-21 season that will be significantly shortened amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“The cricket committee proposes the suspension of promotion and relegation for the 2020-21 season for the following reasons,” read an excerpt from the WPCA’s proposed changes to playing conditions, by-laws and code of behaviour for the 2020-21 season document.

“With the declaration of a second wave, we might not be able to finish a full season. With a shortened season and the scenario of suspending matches due to Covid-19 cases, there might not be sufficient playing days to reschedule matches.

“There are so many Covid-19 variables that will impact a shortened season and therefore it would be in the best interest to play as much as possible without promotion and relegation.”

However, several clubs challenged the proposal this week – and a decision on the promotion and relegation system for the truncated 2020-21 WPCA season has been deferred to January.

The season is scheduled to start on Saturday, 16 January.

Still no 2019-20 WPCA premier league winner

The winner of the 2019-20 WPCA premier league, meanwhile, has still not been confirmed. This is because Rondebosch Cricket Club and Durbanville Cricket Club remain locked in an impasse, which is awaiting Cricket South Africa’s input.

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