Ottoman Cricket Club rekindle Empire roots: Gallery and document download

Ottoman Cricket ClubFile image: Ottoman Cricket Club officials with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency vice-president Ali Maskan (second from left).

Ottoman Cricket Club in Cape Town, South Africa, recently consolidated a longstanding association with the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.

Ottoman Cricket Club chairman Fareed Abrahams, president Rydwaun Salie and treasurer Shadley Jassiem visited Turkey earlier this year, further strengthening the relationship with the Ottoman Empire.

The trip included meetings with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency and local cricket representatives in Ankara.

Ottoman Cricket Club

Ottoman Cricket Club officials meet with Erzurum mayor Mehmet Sekmen (second from right).

Ottoman Cricket Club

Ottoman Cricket Club officials meet with Turkish Developing Sport Branches Federation general secretary Sezayi Surucu (centre) and local cricket representative Recep Ulutuna (right).

“The cultural and religious links between Turkey and South Africa mainly exist through the Ottoman Cricket Club and the Nurul Hamedie Mosque,” read a statement from Ottoman Cricket Club.

“According to the Turkish ambassador to South Africa, there is no sporting club or association in Turkey that carries the Ottoman name, so Ottoman Cricket Club is the Ottoman Empire’s longest standing legacy, making its existence of 136 years a truly amazing achievement.

“Fortunately, these sentiments are shared by various stakeholders in Turkey. Relationships started taking shape when the funding arm of the Turkish government, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency made contact with the club in 2015.

“After several talks and visits, TIKA started injecting some much-needed funding into the club and three years later, the club has been privileged to upgrade its training and clubhouse facilities.

“Recent discussions with TIKA concluded in TIKA approving funding for the acquisition of the club’s own pitch roller and pitch cutter, a mobile net, mobile sightscreens and a few other pieces of equipment.”