Pirates Cricket Club win another title to be promoted to CGL premier league A

Pirates Cricket Club in JohannesburgPirates Cricket Club.

Pirates Cricket Club have won the 2022-23 Central Gauteng Lions premier league B to be promoted to the 2023-24 premier league A.

Pirates Cricket Club beat Johannesburg Cricket Club on 2 April to claim this season’s CGL premier league B title.

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Late last month, Pirates Cricket Club had won the 2022-23 GCL premier league B time cricket title, too.

‘We are a club that does not pay any players’

“We, as the committee, are extremely proud of our premier league team for securing promotion back to premier league A,” said Pirates Cricket Club  chairman Mlungisi Nkosi.

“This has been a four-year long project and, as chairman, I’ve never been more proud. I want to give thanks to the players, captain, coach and the committee members for the endless hours spent doing what is sometimes defined as a thankless job.

“When we see the results of the work put in paying off, it makes us more proud of the work that happens behind the scenes and promotion is certainly going to aid the club and also assist in attracting a new calibre of players.

“The hard work starts now and for the time being the boys will celebrate this moment and we wish them all the best in the premier league A cricket next season.

“We are a club that does not pay any players, but rely on paying members who generally love the environment and the family culture. Long may this continue.”

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