Ranking the top 5 all-rounders in 2022-23 WPCA PREMIER LEAGUE

Luke StevensLuke Stevens.

These players scored at least 300 runs and took at least 20 wickets in the 2022-23 Western Province Cricket Association premier league.

5th. Jaco Castle (Durbanville Cricket Club)

Matches: 20; runs: 343; wickets: 20

Castle was, statistically, Durbanville Cricket Club’s strongest all-rounder in the 2022-23 WPCA premier league – and is in contention for selection to the Western Province Over-40 squad.

4th. Luke Stevens (Rondebosch Cricket Club)

Matches: 20; runs: 354; wickets: 28

Stevens scored 24 more runs, but took two fewer wickets – and played one more match – to finish fourth to third-placed Moses in this ranking.

3rd. Elliot Moses (Green Point Cricket Club)

Matches: 19; runs: 330; wickets: 30

Moses effectively competed with Wesley Bedja and Guy Sheena as Green Point Cricket Club’s best 2022-23 WPCA premier league all-rounder. He topped both of them.

2nd. Marcus Fourie (Bellville Cricket Club)

Matches: 19; runs: 489; wickets: 22

Bellville Cricket Club will remain in the WPCA premier league, where captain Fourie’s performances with bat and ball have been key.

1st. Josh Breed (Claremont Cricket Club)

Matches: 21; runs: 719; wickets: 52

Breed was the only player to feature among the top 10 run-scorers and wicket-takers in the 2022-23 WPCA premier league – and captained Claremont Cricket Club to the title.

2022-23 WPCA premier league top 5 all-rounders

Qualification minimum: 300 runs and 20 wickets

  1. Josh Breed
  2. Marcus Fourie
  3. Elliot Moses
  4. Luke Stevens
  5. Jaco Castle

Stats correct as per WebSports.

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