Robin van Harte returns to Milnerton Cricket Club as head coach

Robin van HarteFile image: Robin van Harte.

The veteran Robin van Harte has been named Milnerton Cricket Club’s head coach for the 2020-21 Western Province Cricket Association first division A.

Van Harte has succeeded former head coach Lightie Coetzee, who was with Milnerton Cricket Club for the 2019-20 WPCA first division A.

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Van Harte has returned to Milnerton Cricket Club after a brief stint with Northerns Goodwood Cricket Club.

“I guess my move to Northerns Goodwood Cricket Club will be a shock to most, but after much deliberation and some sleepless nights, I felt it was the right time and right club for me to join,” he said at the time of the exit.

“From a personal growth point, as far as my coaching career is concerned mainly, Northerns Goodwood Cricket Club is a young club with a young committee – and I feel I can add value to the club with my experience and work ethic, which will hopefully bring success to the club sooner rather than later.”

Van Harte is vastly experienced, having also represented Avendale Cricket Club, Victoria Cricket Club, Green Point Cricket Club, Glamorgan Cricket Club and Bellville Cricket Club.

The start of the 2020-21 WPCA club cricket season has been delayed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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