SA Over-40 Invitational squad announced, joining SA Over-40 at Africa Cup

Sadiek Davids cricketSadiek Davids.

The Veterans Cricket of South Africa have introduced a South Africa Over-40 Invitational squad to join South Africa Over-40 at the Africa Cup later this year.

The South Africa Over-40 Invitational squad comprises 20 players who were not selected for South Africa Over-40 after May 2023’s inter-provincial tournament in Johannesburg.

Western Province Over-40 quartet Luke Knipe, Ashley Fernandez, Derrin Bassage and Sadiek Davids have been selected for South Africa Over-40 Invitational. Western Province Over-40 won May 2023’s inter-provincial tournament.

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Titans Over-40, who do not have any representation in the South Africa Over-40 squad, have three players – Piet Botha, Dieter Munnik and Quintin Pretorius – in the South Africa Over-40 Invitational squad.

Former Springbok flyhalf Louis Koen and former Proteas fast bowler Garnett Kruger have also been selected for South Africa Over-40 Invitational.

South Africa Over-40 Invitational squad

  1. Daniel Stephen (Border Over-40)
  2. Elroy Abrahams (Boland Over-40)
  3. Derrin Bassage (Western Province Over-40)
  4. Ahmed Bharoochi (Lions Over-40)
  5. Piet Botha (Titans Over-40)
  6. Sadiek Davids (Western Province Over-40)
  7. Ashley Fernandez (Western Province Over-40)
  8. Mandilakhe Jojo (Border Over-40)
  9. Luke Knipe (Western Province Over-40)
  10. Louis Koen (Boland Over-40)
  11. Garnett Kruger (Lions Over-40)
  12. Adhir Maharaj (Dolphins Over-40)
  13. Dieter Munnik (Titans Over-40)
  14. Thys Neethling (Lions Over-40)
  15. Mark Nel (Boland Over-40)
  16. Ahmed Omar (Lions Over-40)
  17. Quintin Pretorius (Titans Over-40)
  18. Werner Pretorius (Lions Over-40)
  19. Dewald van Rooyen (Eastern Province Over-40)
  20. Johan van Rooyen (East Rand Over-40)

What the Veterans of Cricket of South Africa said

“A 20-man invitational squad has also been selected to participate in the Africa Cup,” read a statement from the VCASA.

“Both squads have been submitted to Cricket South Africa for final approval. Managers and Coaches for the two squads will be announced shortly.

“After the tournament, a final South African Proteas Veterans squad will be selected to participate in the Over-40 World Cup to be held in Cape Town from 19 February to March 2024.”

South Africa Over-40 squad

The South Africa Over-40 squad announced last month will be captained by former Proteas batsman Ashwell Prince.

  1. Ashwell Prince (captain, Western Province Over-40)
  2. Warren Dugmore (vice-captain, Lions Over-40)
  3. Pieter Booysen (East Rand Over-40)
  4. Brandon Buckley (Lions Over-40)
  5. Jaco Castle (Western Province Over-40)
  6. Yasser Ditta (Lions Over-40)
  7. Johan Fourie (Lions Over-40)
  8. Charl Groenewald (Dolphins Over-40)
  9. Wayne Hendricks (Western Province Over-40)
  10. Nathan Jones (Eastern Province Over-40)
  11. Lundi Mbane (Border Over-40)
  12. Werner Moolman (Western Province Over-40)
  13. Kyle Smit (East Rand Over-40)
  14. Dan Styer (Western Province Over-40)
  15. Abdul-aziz Temoor (Boland Over-40)
  16. Ridiwaan Williams (Western Province Over-40)

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