Yasser Ditta: I appreciate my spin partner Thys Neethling

SA Over-40Thys Neethling (left) and Yasser Ditta (right).

Spinner Yasser Ditta has expressed gratitude to Lions Over-40 team-mate Thys Neethling after being named in the South Africa Over-40 squad.

Ditta and Neethling were key to Lions Over-40’s inter-provincial campaign last month. The tournament hosts finished in third position.

Ditta has since been named in the South Africa Over-40 squad, which will be captained by former Proteas batsman Ashwell Prince. Neethling has been included in the South Africa Over-40 Invitational squad, which will also compete in the Africa Cup later this year.

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“This message is overdue to all those who supported, encouraged and put up with me over this crazy passion of mine,” Ditta wrote on social media.

“While everyone was amazing, I have to really appreciate my spin partner Thys Neethling for supporting me from even before ball one. You have no idea how much confidence I took from you so vocally celebrating my first wicket.

“The club coaches who backed me – you guys were unwavering in your belief in me. Looking forward to many more years of cricket.”

Boland Over-40’s Howie Bergins and Lions Over-40’s Graham McMillan have been named South Africa Over-40 coach and South Africa Over-40 Invitational coach, respectively.

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