SA20 preparing for new season with play-off structure change and mini auction

Sunrisers Eastern CapeSunrisers Eastern Cape.

The 2023 SA20 cricket season was a major success. It has been created with giving cricket in South Africa a new life. The league is now preparing for a second season which will start in January 2024.

The SA 2020 season No 2 fixture list was recently released. All 34 matches for the new season will be aired live on Sky Sports in the UK, as the franchise T20 cricket league continues to grow. Short-form cricket leagues have sprung up around the world over the last 18 months.

South African cricket fans are debating which team will win the SA20 season No 2 championship. Fans can visit to learn more information about betting on the SA20 cricket tournament.

Along with South Africa, 20/20 cricket leagues have started in the United States, UAE, and elsewhere. The Hundred competition in the United Kingdom is still in its infancy but is currently playing its third season. The 20/20 or short-form version of cricket is thriving and the SA20 league is part of the sport’s success.

The 2024 SA20 season will start on January 10 and run for a total of four weeks. The league regular season will consist of 30 fixtures. The playoffs will start at the conclusion of the regular season, with four teams making the postseason. The playoffs will feature two qualifiers and an eliminator match before the championship final. The final will take place on February 10.

The SA20 is backed by some of the biggest T20 cricket brands in the world. The SA20’s franchises are all linked to Indian Premier League franchises. The 2023 SA20 will finalise their 19-man squads on September 27. The SA20’s auction will be held on the same day.

This year’s player allocation process has been labelled as a “mini-auction.” It will take place in Johannesburg and a total of 21 personnel slots will be filled. Six-player slots will be for rookie players. The SA20 has defined a rookie player as “someone who is a South African under the age of 22 and has not played in the SA20 previously.” The rookie slots will provide new players to the competition and a chance to grow domestic T20 cricketers.

The regular season will feature teams playing home and away fixtures in a round-round-style format. The teams that finish first and second will play in the qualifier No 1. An eliminator match will be held between the teams that finished third and fourth, respectively.

The qualifier 1 loser and the eliminator winner will play in qualifier No 2. The winner of the fixture will move on to play in the championship final against the team that won the qualifier No 1 fixture. This format is used in the IPL and several other cricket leagues.

Sunrisers Eastern Cape won the 2023 SA20 championship. They will start the season at home against the Joburg Super Kings.

The new season will have some new features, including altered midweek match times. The playoff structure is just one of the changes to the SA20 season.