South Africa Over-40 Invitational confirm leadership for Africa Cup

Ashley Fernandez cricketAshley Fernandez.

South Africa Over-40 Invitational have appointed spinner Thys Neethling captain and batsman Ashley Fernandez vice-captain for this month’s Africa Cup in Pretoria.

Neethling and Fernandez represented Lions Over-40 and Western Province Over-40, respectively, during May 2023’s inter-provincial tournament in Johannesburg.

Neethling took a hat-trick against Border Over-40. Fernandez hit a half-century in the final against East Rand Over-40.

South Africa Over-40 Invitational will be without left-arm seamer Luke Knipe.

Knipe was named in the SA Over-40 Invitational squad earlier this year, but have since withdrawn. He has been sidelined by a shoulder injury.

The four-team Africa Cup will also include South Africa Over-40, Zimbabwe Over-40 and Namibia Over-40.

Lions Over-40 batsman Warren Dugmore, meanwhile, has been promoted to the South Africa Over-40 captaincy.

Former Proteas batsman Ashwell Prince had been named South Africa Over-40 captain after leading Western Province Over-40 to May’s inter-provincial tournament title, but later withdrew. He is currently working with South Africa A during this and next month’s series against West Indies A.

South Africa Over-40 will also be without all-rounders Kyle Smit and Johan Fourie, who have been sidelined by respective knee and hernia operations.

South Africa Over-40 will not appoint a new head coach for the Africa Cup following the passing of Boland’s Howard Bergins earlier this month.

Over-40 Africa Cup dates, fixtures, venues

Date Fixture Venue
27 November SA Over-40 v Zimbabwe Over-40 Irene Country Club
27 November SA Over-40 Invitational v Namibia Over-40 Sinovich Park
28 November SA Over-40 Invitational v Zimbabwe Over-40 Irene Country Club
28 November SA Over-40 v Namibia Over-40 Sinovich Park
29 November SA Over-40 v SA Over-40 Invitational Irene Country Club
29 November Namibia Over-40 v Zimbabwe Over-40 Sinovich Park
1 December Final Irene Country Club
1 December Third-place play-off Sinovich Park

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