The 10 best things said after CSA lost arbitration to WPCA

File image: Nic Kock.

The Western Province Cricket Association board have won an arbitration case against Cricket South Africa. Here are 10 important excerpts from the WPCA and CSA’s statements.

Six key sentences from WPCA president Nic Kock

  • “The arbitration award confirms that the decision taken by Cricket South Africa to suspend the Board of WPCA in September this year was invalid, unlawful and therefore set aside.”
  • “Cricket South Africa has been ordered to pay costs of the arbitration, including costs of two counsels of WPCA.”
  • “The WPCA has been vindicated and affirmed by the arbitration ruling.”
  • “The board remains committed to protecting the interests of its members, clubs and the faithful supporters of Western Province cricket.”
  • “The board is of the view that the unlawful suspension by Cricket South Africa has been an example of serious overreach by the national body into the affairs of the association and if allowed to go uncontested, would have set a bad precedent for governance in sports.”
  • “The WPCA board wishes to reiterate its firm commitment to promoting good governance and integrity within the cricket community.”

Four key sentences from CSA

  • “CSA have reviewed the arbitration award and respects the outcome and considering the award and abides by it.”
  • “CSA have no intention of subjecting this award to a judicial review.”
  • “In his analysis, the arbitrator has identified certain shortcomings in the CSA memorandum of incorporation, which CSA will address immediately with a view to ensuring that the CSA governance framework remains robust, relevant and fit for purpose.”
  • “The operations of the WPCA and cricket in general in the Western Province will remain uninterrupted.”

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