Three-day cricket for WPCA premier league and first division A clubs

Update, 1 April 2019, midday: Thanks for being such good sports, everyone, and happy April Fools’ Day – the Club Cricket SA team.

Western Province Cricket Association premier league and first division A matches will be competed across three days during the 2019-20 season.


One-day cricket was introduced for 2018-19 premier league and first division A fixtures amid a severe drought in the Western Cape and surrounds. These matches were previously played across two days.

The change to three-day cricket will be implemented for next season only, after which a decision will be made about the format for 2020-2021 premier league and first division A cricket.

Three-day cricket at club level will ostensibly align with provincial first-class competition, which is played across the same amount of time.


Three-day cricket will have ramifications for several amateur cricketers, who traditionally play on Saturdays and Sundays. A third day will require employed professionals to play on Fridays or Mondays, too.

First division B and others

The changes have only been implemented at premier league and first division A level. First division B, C and D competition will retain one-day cricket. The same will apply for reserve division cricket.

Third division

Third division A, B and C cricket is traditionally played over 35 overs per innings. An addition of 15 overs per team, however, is being contemplated. This would effectively align first, third and reserve division cricket to the same number of overs per innings.