Top clubs from Lions, Titans, Easterns, North West start super league

Old Edwardians Cricket Club super leagueOld Edwardians Cricket Club.

Lions, Titans, Easterns and North West clubs will compete for the inaugural super league this season.

The super league’s qualification criteria will allow the top three teams from the Lions and Titans – and top two from Easterns and North West – to contest the 10-team super league until 23 March 2024.

Matches will be played on one weekend per month across several venues in Potchefstroom, Pretoria, central Gauteng, and Ekurhuleni.

“The Lions cricket, Titans cricket, Easterns cricket and North West cricket club’s cricket eco-systems have given birth to the clubs’ super league 50-over competition,” read a statement from Cricket South Africa.

“The initiative is to foster the importance of club cricket within South African cricket landscape. Furthermore, the idea behind the initiative is to increase the experience of club players as well as create a platform for high performance, while recognising the performances of clubs within each member structure.”

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Super league teams

  1. University of Pretoria Cricket Club (Titans)
  2. Harlequins Cricket Club (Titans)
  3. CBCOB Cricket Club (Titans)
  4. University of the Witwatersrand Cricket Club (Lions)
  5. CBC Cricket Club (Lions)
  6. Old Edwardians Cricket Club (Lions)
  7. Kempton Park Cricket Club (Easterns)
  8. Delfos Cricket Club (Easterns)
  9. Potch Dorp Cricket Club (North West)
  10. North West University Cricket Club (North West)
Potch Dorp Cricket Club super league

Potch Dorp Cricket Club.

What  Lions cricket services manager Reuben Mandlazi said

“To those that made this concept come to life, you have given even greater hope to tomorrow’s superstars, giving them an additional platform on which to experience, enjoy and grow, and I know just how grateful every player, coach, administrator and caregiver will be for this opportunity,” said Mandlazi

What Titans cricket services manager Charlotte Serwadi said

“This is an opportunity for provincial and domestic selectors to assess the displayed talent. This kind of intense concentration is essential for club cricket since it is integral to our initiative of fostering club cricket as a pathway to provincial and domestic levels,” said Serwadi.

“We are also eager to retain older players in the game in order for them to transmit their expertise and abilities to a younger cohort. Club cricket is the ideal place for this activity.”

What Easterns cricket services manager Colin Gxowa said

The super league creates a great opportunity for our clubs to be able to play clubs that are normally out of their jurisdiction. This will give us an indication of the standard of our premier league cricket in comparison to our neighbours,” said Gxowa.

What North West cricket services manager Solomon Meki said

“The competition is surely going to be next level in terms of club cricketers, and it will provide strength versus strength match-ups amongst the participating premier league clubs,” said Meki.

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