WPCA end Langa Cricket Club suspension

Langa Cricket ClubLanga Cricket Club.

The Western Province Cricket Association have removed Langa Cricket Club’s suspension.

The WPCA effectively suspended Langa Cricket Club in early November 2021.

The four-month ban disallowed the club’s first, second and third XI from competing in the WPCA premier league, reserve division A and third division B, respectively.

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What the WPCA said this week

“We are pleased to inform clubs that the temporary suspension of playing cricket by Langa Cricket Club has been lifted,” read a statement from Western Province Cricket Association chief executive officer Michael Canterbury.

“As noted previously, Langa Cricket Club has at all times remained a full member of WPCA.

“Following constructive and frank engagement with the executive of the club, WPCA announces the resumption of cricket being played by the club.

“The overarching interest of the WPCA in this matter was to serve the cricket community and to get cricket to be played as soon as possible.

We have been encouraged by our engagements with the incumbent leadership of Langa Cricket Club and we are satisfied that the game of cricket can now be played in a constructive environment.

“The WPCA reiterates its commitment to support the game of cricket in Langa and the greater Western Province, where some of our country’s most promising cricket talent is nurtured.”

Langa Cricket Club exempt from WPCA premier league relegation

Langa Cricket Club’s first XI were re-added to the WPCA premier league in 2017, after a brief stint at a similar level in the early 2000s. As a black African club, they were exempted from relegation despite several last-place finishes. The same exemption will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

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