Google cricket Doodle: Winners Of Newlands T20I tickets announced

Google doodle cricket

The winners of double tickets to 24 February 2018’s third Twenty20 International between South Africa and India at Newlands in Cape Town are…

  • Andries Oosterhuizen
  • Michael Hanson
  • Gavin Ordealia

We did not accept scores of 999, after being notified about alleged cheating. This is unfortunate for those of you who legitimately reached 999.

Out of interest, here are the top 25 legitimate entries:

1st. Andries Oosterhuizen: 902
2nd. Michael Hanson: 883
3rd. Gavin Ordealia: 848
4th. Everton Granger: 817
5th. Sedick Rylands: 633
6th. Ryan Woolgar: 426
7th. Rayno Maritz: 389
8th. Wenzel Jeffries: 338
9th. Shane Stewart: 321
10th. Tylor Crighton: 299
11th. Marius Crous: 266
12th. Marco Wyngard: 213
13th. Eustin Miggels: 154
14th. Paul Cilliers: 152
=15th. Brindley Gilbert: 146
=15th. Brandon Booysen: 146
=17th. Bryan Capes: 131
=17th. Gill Fortune: 131
19th. Angelo Farao: 124
20th. Nicole Dreyer: 122
21st. Sedicka Bardien: 114
22nd. Daniel Ganger: 90
23rd. Umar Foflonker: 82
24th. Andre Marais: 73
25th. Susan Pienaar: 67

Andries, Michael and Gavin, please private message Club Cricket SA via Facebook – or email – for details about prize collection.