WPCA hope for ‘full, exciting’ club cricket season and invite playing format recommendations

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The Western Province Cricket Association have invited affiliated clubs to recommend playing format changes for the 2021-22 season.

Several temporary format changes were going to be implemented for a 2020-21 club cricket season which was hampered amid the coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, the season didn’t happen at all.

Previously, a move from two- to one-day cricket for the WPCA premier league and first division A, the removal of reserve division A T20 competition and other changes have been made by the WPCA.

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“Annually, the WPCA engages all affiliated clubs to make submissions to the club cricket committee, recommending changes to the playing formats for the ensuing season,” read Tuesday’s memo from the WPCA cricket services manager Clinton du Preez.

“While we are still very much in a pandemic, we trust that with the recent rollout of vaccinations and the continuous acts of diligence in adhering to the Covid-19 protocols and guidelines by all, we could reach some sort of normality soon.

“This being said, the club cricket committee will commence with planning for the new cricket season, which hopefully will be a full and exciting one.”

Western Province have been placed in division one of South Africa’s new domestic cricket structure, which will return to provincial competition later this year. Franchise cricket in the country has been dissolved.

“The recent restructure of the professional cricket system by Cricket South Africa demands and reemphasises the importance of club cricket in the system,” continued the memo.

“The memo will allow affiliated clubs to engage their players, to discuss the possible changes to playing formats for the ensuing season and submit any suggestions or recommendations.”

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