WPCA premier league and first division A cricket will be 50-over innings; no more; no less

Premier league and first division A clubs will play 50-over innings during the 2018-19 Western Province Cricket Association season.

The WPCA cricket committee were going to engage premier league and first division A clubs about the format played within one-day cricket, which was changed from two days earlier last month, at a meeting at Newlands on Tuesday, 7 August.

Monday, 6 August’s meeting between Cricket South Africa representatives and club cricket co-ordinators countrywide, however, effectively ended the WPCA cricket committee’s bid to dialogue with premier league first division A captains and coaches about formatting.

“Monday’s meeting had agreed that all unions who opt to play one-day cricket must adhere to the¬†CSA 50-over Club Championship¬†playing conditions,” read Tuesday’s email excerpt from WPCA club cricket and facilities coordinator Lindsay O’Malley.

“This will be standardised across all unions and all premier and promotional (first division A) leagues must adhere to these playing conditions.

“CSA will now formulate the playing conditions and they will be sent to all unions to be adopted within the two top leagues of each province.”

The same is anticipated for the WPCA reserve divisions A and B, which have also changed from one- to two-day cricket.

Some clubs had informally proposed 60-over innings, while others suggested 55 or 45.

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