WPCA presidency vacant as Ashraf Burns exits

Ashraf Burns WPCAAshraf Burns.

Western Province Cricket Association president Ashraf Burns‘ term has ended.

Burns was appointed WPCA president in October 2020. He had succeeded former WPCA president Nicolas Kock in an interim capacity in August 2020 before the appointment was made permanent two months later.

“I appreciate the support and will continue to be here to serve cricket. I’m a cricketing man and am happy with the hard work our cricket committee is putting in,” said Burns at the time.

“When the premature resignation of Nic came about, I said I wanted to develop our cricket. There is a lot of positivity around and it is important we move forward with that.”

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Who will succeed Burns?

WPCA vice-president Johannes Adams is among the first nominations received by WPCA chief executive officer Michael Canterbury to succeed Burns.

The WPCA have invited additional nominations for president until 21 July 2023.

“Nominations are also called for the position of vice-president,” said the WPCA.

“For the sake of clarity, the vacancies are:

  • President – due to the retirement of Ashraf Burns;
  • Vice-president – in line with the nomination received for Johannes Adams for the position of president; and
  • Two non-independent directors – due to the expiry of the first term of office of Shawn Christiansen¬†and Niyaaz Ebrahim. Both have indicated their availability and willingness to serve another term of three years.”

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