WPCA propose no return to two-day cricket or other format changes

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The Western Province Cricket Association have recommended the retention of one-day competition for the premier league, first division A and others for the 2021-22 club season.

Last month, the WPCA invited affiliated clubs to formally suggest playing format changes.

There are approximately 70 WPCA clubs. Only 10 replied.

“The WPCA club cricket committee received proposals and recommendations from 10 of our clubs and the following suggestions were prevalent among all feedback received,” read this week’s memo from the WPCA cricket services manager Clinton du Preez.

Seven of the 10 clubs called for the reintroduction of two-day cricket, with most of the clubs calling for a phased-in approach, particularly with the premier league, first division A and the reserve A and B divisions to return to the format.

“All clubs would like to see the continuation of the 50-over and T20 formats. We would like to thank the 10 clubs for their input, as all recommendations and suggestions received were thoroughly debated by the club cricket committee.”

Club cricket during coronavirus pandemic

Several temporary format changes were going to be implemented for a 2020-21 club cricket season hampered amid the coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, the season didn’t happen at all.

“The current Covid-19 situation is still very unstable and therefore there is still uncertainty about a full season for the upcoming season,” continued the memo.

One-day cricket will allow for more flexibility when playing under the current Covid 19 conditions, especially regarding promotion and relegation.

“The WPCA club cricket committee, with the abovementioned considerations in mind, proposes that the status quo remains for the 2021-22 season. Status quo allows for the following:

  • “One-day cricket, 50 overs per innings: premier league; first division A, B, C and D; reserve division A, B, C, D and E
  • “One-day cricket, 45 overs per innings: second division; reserve division F and G
  • “Ama20 Competition: premier league; first division A, B, C and D
  • “One-day cricket, 35 overs per innings: third division A, B and C”

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