WPCA ‘strongly recommend’ premier league and first division A don’t return to two-day cricket

File image: Western Province Cricket Association premier league competition.

The Western Province Cricket Association have¬†“strongly recommended” changes implemented for the 2018-19 season be retained for 2019-20.

The premier league and first division A were reduced from two- to one-day competition in 2018-19.

The changes were effectively a consequence of ongoing water restrictions – amid a historic drought – in Cape Town and surrounds.

The reserve divisions A and B, too, were changed to one-day cricket Рand did not compete in the Ama20 Competition.

The decision was instituted for the 2018-19 season and, upon re-evaluation, would potentially revert to two-day cricket in 2019-20. However, Monday’s statement from WPCA club cricket and facilities co-ordinator Lindsay’ O’Malley suggested otherwise.

“With the new season fast approaching, the WPCA cricket committee has commenced its planning,’ read the statement.

With the state of our playing facilities, the committee has strongly recommended that the status quo remain for the league formats for the new season. Clubs are urged to consider this recommendation and to provide feedback by 29 July 2019 .”

The bulk of the Western Cape’s 60-plus clubs – including 12 each from the premier league and first division A – will be represented at Wednesday, 7 August’s members’ council meeting at Newlands, when 2019-20’s formats will likely be confirmed.

If 2018-19’s changes remain, the third divisions A, B and C will retain 35-over innings across approximately 15 matches per club. These will culminate in semi-finals and finals, officiated by WPCA umpires instead of player-umpires.

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