WPCUA announce highest-rated premier league and first division A umpires

Armeen Behardien.Armeen Behardien.
Armeen Behardien was named Umpire of the Year at the recent Western Province Cricket Umpires Association (WPCUA) awards ceremony for the 2021-22 season.

Wilhelm Nell won the prize for the highest-rated Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA) premier league umpire. Vikesh Naidoo was named runner-up in this category.

Renchie Pretorius was named the highest-rated WPCA first division C umpire. Pretorius is the first woman to win a Western Province Cricket Umpires’ Association highest-rating award.

Western Province Cricket Umpires Association awards

  • Rookie of the Year: Dane Isaacs
  • Improved Umpire of Year: Gaynor Sebola
  • Best All-round Umpire: Abdoellaah Steenkamp
  • Ambassador of the Year: Tom Mokorosi
  • Administrator of the Year: Shamiel Isaacs
  • Acknowledgment of life membership: Desmond Barnes
  • Keenest umpire: Armeen Behardien
  • Umpires’ umpire: Armeen Behardien

Premier league

  • Highest rated: Wilhelm Nell
  • Runner-up: Vikesh Naidoo

First division A

  • Highest rated: Ashwin Swartland
  • Runner-up: Sachin Kolambkar

First division B

  • Highest rated: Fransisco Bess
  • Runner-up: Martin Christen

First division C

  • Highest rated: Renchie Pretorius
  • Runner-up: Johannes Buys

First division D

  • Highest rated: Dane Isaacs
  • Runner-up: Ayanda Nooi

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