Zimbabwe Over-40 select former Test duo for Africa Cup

Doug Marillier cricketDoug Marillier.

Two former Test cricketers have been included in Zimbabwe Over-40’s squad for this month’s Africa Cup in Pretoria.

Zimbabwe Over-40 will be captained by former Test and ODI all-rounder Doug Marillier. He is joined by fellow former Zimbabwe Test and ODI all-rounder Gavin Rennie in the 14-man squad.

Former first-class cricketers Steven Trenchard, Ryan Butterworth, Robertson Chinyengetere, Matthew Townshend and Bertie Erasmus have also been selected.

Ex-Test cricketers Travis Friend, Trevor Gripper, Dirk Viljoen and Stuart Matsikenyere have been named among Zimbabwe Over-40’s non-travelling reserves.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the names of the players selected for the Zimbabwe Over-40 team,” said Zimbabwe Masters Cricket Association president Greg McDonald. “The tournament will run from 27 November to 1 December 2023 at Irene Country Club in Pretoria.”

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The four-team Africa Cup, which also includes South Africa Over-40, South Africa Over-40 Invitational and Namibia Over-40, will be followed by next year’s inaugural Over-40 World Cup.

“This is not the final team for the Over-40 World Cup next year – it is made up of all players currently available and based in Zimbabwe and South Africa,” added McDonald.

Zimbabwe have been pooled with England, Australia, United States of America, Namibia and Canada for the Over-40 World Cup in South Africa.

Zimbabwe Over-40 squad for Africa Cup

  1. Doug Marillier (captain)
  2. Arch Harley
  3. Austin Corken
  4. Sean Bell
  5. Gavin Rennie
  6. Raymond Buchanan
  7. Steven Trenchard
  8. Ryan Butterworth
  9. Robertson Chinyengetere
  10. Matthew Townshend
  11. Bertie Erasmus
  12. Mark Ferrao
  13. Matthew Hossack
  14. Marc Nicolle

Non-travelling reserves

  • Rakesh Parmar
  • Simon Seager
  • Trevor Gripper
  • Travis Friend
  • Stuart Matsikenyere
  • Kingsley Went
  • Neil Ferreira
  • Dirk Viljoen

Over-40 Africa Cup dates, fixtures, venues

Date Fixture Venue
27 November SA Over-40 v Zimbabwe Over-40 Irene Country Club
27 November SA Over-40 Invitational v Namibia Over-40 Sinovich Park
28 November SA Over-40 Invitational v Zimbabwe Over-40 Irene Country Club
28 November SA Over-40 v Namibia Over-40 Sinovich Park
29 November SA Over-40 v SA Over-40 Invitational Irene Country Club
29 November Namibia Over-40 v Zimbabwe Over-40 Sinovich Park
1 December Final Irene Country Club
1 December Third-place play-off Sinovich Park

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