‘Club cricket widow’ attacks husband

Some guys have it good, others not so much. Convincing the wife or girlfriend you are going to spend the bulk of Saturday or Sunday – or both – away from her, to instead play or administrate club cricket, is a challenge at the best of times.

Spare a thought for this, guy, though…

John Crossland was attacked by his wife, who was wielding a rolling pin, in their North Yorkshire home recently. Jean Crossland had hoped to spend more time with her spouse after he ended his tenure as a local cricket groundsman more than a decade ago.

However, her ideal didn’t pan out – and her poor husband found himself on the wrong end of the rolling pin.

“I felt very intimidated. She insulted me, calling me various colours – yellow being the main one. She also called me ‘little mouse’ and said ‘you’re as bad as your father’,” John Crossland was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“Recently, it became very physical and I was getting quite a lot of physical abuse.”

While Mrs Crossland has denied twin counts of assault, the court has ordered her to pay more tha £700 in damages and surcharges (that’s almost R15,000 – for South Africans familiar with the awful exchange rate).

Not quite the weekend bouncers he had in mind, no doubt.