Good news for cricketers who vape (and there’s a lot of you these days), as UK’s leading vape brand arrives in South Africa

Take the time to read this, gents. You won’t be sorry, as your health improves and your bank balance doesn’t take a hit, the next time you’re with your boys at the cricket…

SA entrepreneur to introduce UK’s leading vape brand at VapeCon 2018

Prohibition Vapes gives smokers a healthy chance at quitting

South African vape aficionados have even more to look forward to at this year’s VapeCon 2018 when SA entrepreneur, Jarrod Bischoff, launches Prohibition Vapes, the leading vape brand in the UK.

Bischoff, founder of, a South African online reseller and distributor of both vape and tobacco products, comes from a family of smokers and his father owns a small tobacconist on the South African south coast.

“My father has heard some remarkable stories recently of how long-standing customers are converting to healthier alternatives, like vaping. My father is 65 and wanting to move away from retail, so an online and distribution vape business seemed like the logical solution. I secured sole distribution for Prohibition Vapes a few weeks ago and the rest is history,” says Bischoff.

Prohibition Vapes puts the fun into vaping with a comprehensive selection of the best imported juices available.

The range of Prohibition potions is fun and exciting with five brands available initially in South Africa. Packaged in 30ml bottles, the range includes Copped (dessert range) with six flavours; Panda Lemonade (soda range) with three flavours; Panda Cola (soda range) with three flavours; BubbleWorx (bubble-gum range) with four flavours, and Peak (cooling fruit range) with four flavours.

“The results show that non-tobacco flavours, especially fruit-based flavours, are being increasingly preferred to tobacco flavours by adult vapers who have completely switched from combustible cigarettes to vapor products,” says Dr Christopher Russell, Deputy Director of CSUR, who led the research.

The survey, one of the largest of its kind to focus on flavours, conducted by the Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR) and funded by Fontem Ventures, assessed the first flavour and current e-vapor product flavour used by over 20,000 adult frequent vapers in the United States. The majority of frequent e-vapor product users, who had completely switched from smoking cigarettes to using vaping products, are shown to have increasingly likely initiated vaping with non-tobacco flavours, and to have transitioned from tobacco to non-tobacco flavours over time.

The vape revolution is transforming the tobacco industry as it becomes widely accepted that it can convert smokers to a safer alternative.

Billy Webb, founder of Prohibition Vape, explains what the UK government’s approach to vaping has meant for his business and the wider vaping community.

“Obviously as an e-juice business owner, their stance was welcoming. More importantly it brought a balanced approach to tackling the issues related to smoking. As a result, the manufacturing, marketing and targeting approach of businesses is now heavily regulated. We also need to think about how the industry goes about communicating the benefits of our products and who these are targeted at. It’s given UK smokers a healthy chance at quitting and revolutionised the industry.”

    • VapeCon will take place at the Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria on 25 and 26 August 2018. Apart from a wide variety of vape stalls exhibiting and selling their wares, there will also be entertainment and various activities on stage, including cloud blowing competitions, trick competitions and more.

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