Product review and competition: Quinton de Kock’s new Spintechs mat

Who doesn’t love a new piece of training equipment to add to the kit?

We, at Club Cricket SA, certainly do, so got our hands on a Spintechs mat – and put it through its paces.

Remarkably easy to use, pack up and store, it saw even the worst throwers of a cricket ball in our team find some turn.

The batsmen, meanwhile, enjoyed the unpredictability of the ball turning into or away from them – or keeping straight. Great practice all around, indeed.

This will bring plenty of value to you and your team’s training regime, pre- or mid-season.

Watch the first video to see how the Spintechs mat works – and the second to hear from de Kock about how effective it is.

Get one for yourself, or convince your captain, coach or club’s executive committee to buy one or more here – and follow Spintechs on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.


De Kock and the guys at Spintechs have been pretty generous in sending us a couple of mats to give away. To win one, tag your team’s worst or best player of spin in the comments section of the Facebook post related to this competition – and be sure to include the hashtag ‘#Spintechs’.

We’re not saying the Spintechs mat will make you as good as the hard-hitting left-hander, but it’ll certainly improve your game.


Quinton de Kock